There’s been ample time for actions to root out illegal uses of EBT cards. Before it was coupons used for a few groceries — with change in cash to be spent on anything.

I understand one can cash EBT cards monthly, again to buy anything one wants.

Retired middle-income persons without sources of additional earnings and with no administrative programs to help us are expected to help feed children of parents with EBT cards.

Some need help, but we are expected to provide breakfasts, lunches and now weekend meals.

There appears to be no active solutions to EBT fraud — just cheap talk and poor excuses. Washington apparently condones EBT fraud. The alternative would be to stop the fraud.

There’s no help for the retired middle class. It’s time for the retired middle class to strike back against an apparently corrupt administration. I’ll work to help members of Maine’s retired middle class demand equality income.

Shortages claimed in our Social Security system were not of our doing. We should not be penalized for such lack of funds. Just voting to use/take our Social Security funds without our permissions should not make it legal to do so.

We have need and should not have to sacrifice our needs while EBT fraud reigns under a system so corrupt that a rusty lead pipe would come in second to the level of EBT fraud.

They want to eliminate income tax we don’t qualify to pay, then put taxes on our food, and surcharge taxes on all communications. We can’t survive on crumbs.

Essie Golden


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