I was grouchy the morning after my team didn’t win the Super Bowl. They weren’t even in it. OK, so congratulations to the Broncos.

Let’s talk commercials. How ’bout that Doritos ultrasound spot where a dopey disheveled dad’s devouring a bag of Doritos. As the exasperated mom discards a Dorito, onscreen the frantic fetus fails to fetch the chucked chip, (apparently) vacating the womb. Everyone shrieks. Hilarious!

But the implication is that even unborn fetuses crave an embryonic fistful of processed snack food. Talk about pro-choice! Before long, this tiny tot will tote Doritos in his (or her) school lunchbox as a nutritious supplement (like whoopie pies here in Maine). Frito-Lay spent $10 million for 60 seconds of this. Wow!

How do I segue to my avid support of Bernie Sanders? Easy. I think Sanders — whether he ultimately wins the nomination or not — is opening up minds and ears (albeit, only of those willing to use them) to an examination and evaluation of our country’s overall direction, intelligence, and collective well-being.

Socialism? Nay – reality! To wit: Are we safer in our beds, or on our couches watching the Super Bowl, for having gone to Iraq or Afghanistan? Might the trillion-plus dollars we’ll continue to spend there (and everywhere else) be better spent on safer roads and bridges here at home? Might banks “too big to fail” possibly be too big to exist? Are we a healthier country if those that occupy it are healthier (and happier) as well?

And just maybe could it be partially true to say that pharmaceutical and snack-food manufacturers (and their ingenious ad agencies) might just be a tad guilty and complicit in escalating America’s addiction to easily-prescribed, highly profitable and addictive opiates, as well as Doritos?

Perhaps Bernie’s just grouchy — like me.

Buddy Doyle


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