The Wilton Fish & Game held its fishing derby recently, 35 different towns were represented.

This year a snow shoe race was added, snowshoes were provided by Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife for anyone to use. Evan Hamblin took first place with a $25 prize, Mary Hamblin took second with a $10 prize and Cheyenne Hamilton finished third with $5 prize.

Fishing derby awards


Heaviest Overall Fish: Togue, 4.034 lbs, 23.5 inches, Joshua Baldwin, of Wilton.

Brook Trout: 2.314 lbs, 18 inches.

Ben Dunham, Phillips

Salmon: 1.543 lbs, 16 inches, Cam Aiello, of Boston, Massachusetts.


Heaviest overall fish: togue, 2.733 lbs, 20.5 inches, Beau Smith, of Wilton.

Smallest Fish: pickerel, .088 lbs, 8.25 inches, Roy Varney, of Turner.

Togue: 2.535 lbs, 20 inches, Cole Richards, of Chesterville.

Trout: 1.477 lbs, 14.5 inches, Elijah Walker, of East Dixfield.

Salmon: 1.675 lbs, 18 inches, Cole Richards, of Chesterville.

Pickerel: 2.403 lbs, 23 inches, Trenton Harris, of Wilton.

Door Prizes:

Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine-Youth Lifetime Fishing License-Ethan Varney

Expenet-$95.00 Computer Rebuild-Steve Mosher

Sizzle Hair & Tanning-1 Hair Cut by Jana LaBrecque-Bill Fletcher

Wilton Hardware-$20.00 Gift Card-Steven Hall

One Village Mkt.-1 lg. pizza & 2 liter drink-Sean Boyd

My Dad’s Place-1 lg. pizza-Lisa McCloud

Kentucky Fried Chicken-1 Sixteen Pc. Meal & Choc. Cake-James Harvey

Fitness Style-1 Month Membership-Lauren Farrington

Me. Sportsman Mag.-5 Two Yr. Subscrpt-Jacob Miller, Zack Nichols, Morgan Hersey, Jake Hanscom, Wes Simpson

Chuck Wagon-2 Dinner Meals-Scott Blodgett

Backwoods Bait & Tackle-$25.00 Gift Cert.-Neil Tuttle

Douin’s Mkt.-$20. Gift Cert-Chris Embleton.

Devaney Doak & Garrett Booksellers-$15. Gift Cert-Cole Eastman

Farm. House of Pizza-1 16inch Pizza & drink-Mark Hamilton

Ron’s Mkt-$10.00 Gift Cert-Griffin Gordan

Falls General Store-1 lg pizza & soft drink-Braylynn Ibarguen

Frechette’s Ski-Doo-$25. Gift Cert-Eileen Lord

Madore’s Mkt-1 lg. pizza & drink-Shayna Bailey

NAPA-NAPA A Model Delivery Truck-Cody Grillis Jr.

Richard Cousins- 2 fishing rods. Cam Aiello, Mark Fischer

Subway-1 six inch sandwich-Charlie Lord, 1 six inch sandwich-Shawn McDonald

Steve’s Mkt.-$25.00 Gift Cert-Angela Gordon

Karin Fernald-Scentsy Basket-Ayson Marshall

Robin’s Bait Shop-3 $25. Gift Cert-Zachary Anderson, Ron Cushman, Kelly Morse

Jaci Maxham-2 $25 Gift Cert to Lotus Blossom-Carter Macomber, Bruce Frost

Shelly’s Hometown Mkt- 2 lg. pizza-Eric Hersey, Colby Hamblin

Reny’s-$25. Gift Cert-Parker Hanscom

Anonymous- Gun Case-Cole Richards, Polar Picks-Kevin Thoms, Heated 12 Volt Travel Mug-Abbey Varney, Water Bottle-Jaylen St. Louis, Water Bottle-Eric Gordon

Walmart-$25 Gift Cert-Bristol Ibarguen

Imelda’s Fleece-Fleece Head warmer-Bubba Harris

Natanis Pt. Campground-2 Nights Camping & Hat-Stuart Allen

Basil’s Pizza & Sub-1 lg. pizza-Steve Harris

Brady’s Snowmobile &ATV Equip-$20 Gift Cert. & 1 Quart 50:1 Fuel Oil Mix-Jim Simeon

Amanda Lincourt won the commemorative box (breast cancer edition) of five pink Max traps that was donated by Greg Nemi for a raffle. Raffle proceeds will go towards a scholarship to a graduating senior in the Mt Blue Forster Forestry Program in memory of Michael J. Rowe.

The Wilton Fish & Game meets at 6:30 p.m. the third Sunday of each month. Anyone interested in a membership form may contact [email protected].

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