JACKMAN — Forest Hills School has announced its second-quarter honor roll for the 2015-16 academic year.

High school

Seniors — high honors: Kira Bishop and Jessica Hoyt.

Honors: Andy Gilbert and Mikayla Mackey.

Juniors — high honors: Madison Cuddy, Patricia Lessard, Javier Padilla and Ian West.

Honors: Janelle Crawford, Daphne Haggan and William Kneeland.

Sophomores — high honors: Demi Giroux, Elise McKendry and Riley Nadeau.

Honors: Carson Veilleux.

Freshmen — high honors: Alexandra Lessard and Autumn Pacheco.

Honors: Sebastian Paradise and Jakob Rivas.

Middle school

Grade 8 — high honors: Mary Lee Brown, Summer Pacheco, Quentin Rodriguez and Sam Rodriguez.

Honors: Lily Hoyt.

Grade 7 — high honors: Alexis Campbell, Jacob Chagnot, Parker Desjardins and Taylor Fountaine.

Honors: Joey Poulin and Miranda Shelley.

Grade 6 — high honors: David Lessard and Emily Veilleux.

Grade 5 — high honors: Mason Desjardins, Colin Dunning, Owen Lacasse, Madison Rohr and Brian Snider.

Honors: Thomas Sylvester.