CALAIS — Washington County Community College has announced its 2015 fall semester dean’s and president’s lists.

Dean’s list

Nathan C. Amber, of Calais; Harley M. Andoscia, of Alexander; Bryan M. Andrews, of Waite; Bryan A. Bailey, of Columbia Falls; Rebecca L. Beal, of Milbridge; Sarah Anne Berube, of Calais; David B. Boone, of Perry; Sally C. Brann, of Machias; Raymond P. Brewton, of Eastport; Gordon C. Cameron, of Calais; Tara D. Carter, of Baileyville.

Also, Constance Marie Carver, of Pembroke; Benjamin Charles Chadwick, of Alna; James P. Desmond, of Princeton; Kim Mara Dominguez Miller, of Perry; Chelsea Dupee, of Perry; Jeffery J. Elward, of Medway; Sherri A. Emery, of Baileyville.

Also, James Douglas Flynn, of Lewiston; Tiffani Lyne Goyette, of Baileyville; Stephanie M. Hallett, of Baileyville; Leigh-Ann Hanson, of Calais; D Harnois, of Princeton; Luke A. Hatch, of Whiting; Terri Lee Hayward, of Calais; Tyler R. Hurlburt, of Baileyville; Andrew W. James, of Big Lake Township.

Also, Nicholas D. James, of Princeton; Kaylee L. Johnson, of Calais; Abbie Lynn Kemmerer, of Lyndeborough, New Hampshire; Adam Christian Lanahan, of Princeton; Kelly Marie Lank, of Princeton; Pauline T. Lola, of Perry; Heidi B. Look, of East Machias; Jaycie T. MacArthur, of Princeton.

Also, Wyatt Vincent Mahar, of Pembroke; Micheal E. Marquis, of Fort Kent; Kelsey L. McLain, of Steuben; Savannah J. McPherson, of Lubec; Lydia L. Neddeau, of Baileyville; Alvah Lee Phelps, of Princeton; Janelle M. Pottle, of Perry; Gregory Leo Riese, of Derry, New Hampshire; Deborah Lynn Roberts, of Calais.

Also, Danielle Nichole Robinson, of Harrington; Mitch J. Russell, of Calais; Linda H. Shattuck, of Calais; Alexandria N. Simmons, of West Danville, Vermont; Hannah Marie Sivret, of Calais; Gary J. Sousa, of Calais; Kimberly S. Stuart, of Second Falls, New Brunswick.

Also, John D. Surles Jr., of Eastport; Jacob Surprenant, of Greenville; Johanan Cenizal Tapao, of Calais; Zachary S. Taylor, of Baileyville; Chloe J. Wiebe, of St. Stephen, New Brunswick; Kristen N. Worden, of Princeton; and Ashlee G. Worsham, of Calais.

President’s list

Malorie Paige Black, of Calais; Matthew S. Carle, of Baileyville; Rachael A. Cox, of Eastport; Matthew E. Creevan, of Machiasport; Deanna Michelle Del Biondo, of Calais; Adam D. Geel, of Calais; Kayla A. Jackson, of Baring; Deserae L. Jordan, of Northfield; Sara E. Krug, of Baring; Christopher J. McKee, of Calais; Lauren Ann Rumery, of Steuben; Erin Kenney Smith, of Perry; Jeffrey J. Smith II, of Baileyville; Ida C. Townsend, of Calais; and Gary W. Trafton II, of Calais.