The Democrats, thanks to Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her henchmen, allowed only three people to run for the 2016 presidential race. Two of the three, according to Schultz, could not win, and her preordained candidate, Hillary Clinton, would have a cakewalk, and the other two candidates would drop out.

As of Feb. 1, Martin O’Malley, the only true Democrat, dropped out of the race. This leaves only Clinton, who calls herself a progressive but is a true socialist, and Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed socialist who is, in every way, a communist.

This leaves the Democratic Party in a real dilemma. They must either change the definition of what a Democrat must stand for or dissolve the Democratic Party and rename it and what they stand for.

Democrats, if there are any left, must clarify what they stand for and what they will repudiate and/or what they are for. What will our country become? A socialist country like Venezuela, which is sinking into oblivion, or a country like Cuba?

Democrats wake up before it’s too late.

Marie Stone


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