Don Roberts’ Feb. 13 column, “Battle for America just beginning,” warrants response.

Dismay emitted from Robert’s recall of a phone conversation with a Winslow lady lamenting, “What are we going to do? We’ve lost our country. Can’t we do something?” Roberts disclosed, “We both cried for America we knew and still love.”

Rather than “crying over spilt milk,” look no further than at “Rip Van Winkle” citizens who don’t vote! Unenrolled folk in staggering numbers running away from working to strengthen political parties! And witness the recent Iowa caucus coin-flipping to decide the outcome at a presidential primary, mooting thousands of votes! Gads!

Roberts’ script contends: “The battle for the heart and soul of America in the year 2016 is not over — it is just beginning.”

“Heart and soul” is ephemeral, not precise. Undoubtedly, the best evidence of America’s “soul” exists in its constitution! If not there, then where?

Americas “silent majority” is alive and well when citizens “sleep-walk” from civic responsibility!

Roberts is a politician. In a recent opinion page piece, he listed plural successful campaigns conducted for local and state office seekers. Still, his article admits going “to bed early” rather than hear “victory speeches” from “leaders of our two political parties” following the New Hampshire primary. What does his act of “turning in” tell us about that voter result? His beef was with voters, as plain as noses on faces! Candidates can’t vote themselves to office!

In response to the Winslow lady’s question: “What are we going to do?”

Answer: Wake up, wipe tears, go to a mirror and vow to turn out the bums!

Politicians who’ve divided the country and smothered us in debt are not the thorn in Americas’ side! Voters put it there!

Darn, out of exclamation points.

John Benoit


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