I read with great interest the editorial in the paper on Feb. 14 (“LePage shows little interest in governing”).

It made what I consider a well-thought-out plan for our governor based on his behavior. He has not acted like a CEO for the whole state of Maine but has acted more like a despot king who wants “his way” to be “the way.” He fails to recognize that state government is designed to be a collaborative role between the duly elected Legislature and the governor, thus serving as checks and balances between the two and the court system. It was not expected that one person would rule without collaboration with the other elected officials.

His behavior is much like that of a person of limited stature and of a young age.

The last two paragraphs summed it up nicely:

“It’s hard to understand why someone who has so much disdain for the process of government would ever want to be in charge of one, but since he chose to put himself in this position, it’s not too much to ask that he work with other independently elected leaders.

“If Gov. LePage isn’t willing to do that, he should resign and let someone with a little more respect for the job give it try.”

And please note, he has offered to do just that if we are unsatisfied with his performance.

Frank Ober


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