The Signe Wilkinson cartoon published on the Feb. 18 Kennebec Journal editorial page is both ignorant and offensive. It is grotesquely unfair to the late Justice Scalia and to the Founding Fathers (not to mention almost every other American). The Fathers wisely created a dynamic, highly adaptable Constitution. It was not even ratified until it had been amended 10 times. To suggest, say, that Justice Scalia did not support the First and Second Amendments is absolutely absurd. The liveliness of our Constitution also allowed for amendments 13, 14, and 15, of course. To imply Scalia did not equally suppport these is a slander. Scalia, and other strict constitutionalists believe(d) in the validity of that great document. Major changes to our Republic should be made in accordance with it; with the seperation of powers, not “legislating from the bench”.

Kurt M. Linton