The recent article in this newspaper about the message from the Maine congressional delegation criticizing the Department of Veterans Affairs for poor services to veterans has finally spurred me to write as I have been meaning to for months.

Without minimizing the difficulties other veterans have faced in accessing services through the VA, I would like to publicly say how much we, my veteran partner and I, appreciate the wonderful care and service we have received from the VA here in Augusta. From our first contact with the administrator who helped us fill out our application for benefits, we have been given nothing but respectful, prompt, skillful and professional care from the people of the VA, without exception.

The doctors, nurses, medical technicians, therapists and office staff are friendly and kind, always looking for ways to help before we ask. The medical team proactively anticipates our needs and works to ensure that we are receiving every service available to us. We have never had a delay in scheduling an appointment or had to wait more than a few minutes when we arrive for that appointment. When I call for information or help, my call is promptly answered, and if I leave a message, my call is returned within an hour or two.

We actually enjoy going to the campus at Togus for appointments because everyone we meet there is so helpful. Practically no one walks by without asking if they can be of service. It’s a very heartwarming experience.

We think that the VA is getting it right, and we would like our representatives and all of our fellow taxpayers to know that the people at the VA are doing difficult work wonderfully well. We are very grateful.

Sarah Reid


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