If Caitlyn Jenner thought being a transgendered woman was hard, she may be finding it’s even harder to be a politically conservative transgendered woman.

In the season-two premiere of her docuseries “I Am Cait,” on Sunday night, Jenner doubles down on her Republican leanings – something that’s frustrated those in the LGBT community.

Asked in Sunday night’s show which Republican candidate would be best on trans issues, Jenner said all of them would be just fine. “None of the Republicans are ‘I hate trans people’ or ‘I hate gays,'” she said. “They do nothing of that. I want a driving economy so every trans person has a job.”

And last week, Jenner said in an interview that she “likes” Sen. Ted Cruz.

Cue the outrage. “I don’t understand why she thinks that,” said Jenner’s friend Candis Cayn, an actress and transgender activist. “Democrats are more open to transgender views, and in general Republicans are more conservative about that, and they don’t want to give LGBT rights to our community.”

Predictably, Twitter went nuts.

And Jenner’s comments have frustrated Jenny Boylan, the transgendered professor and author who has acted as a mentor to Jenner. “The fact that she’s swooning over Ted Cruz – a bigot, a hater, and an all around dunderhead – is galling,” she wrote on her blog.

Jenner, though, is as unyielding as Donald Trump’s hair. “Sometimes these girls think now that I’ve transitioned, everything has to change,” she said on Sunday night’s episode. “You can’t be conservative any more, you have to be a liberal.”

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