A Coplin Plantation homeowner and an Eliot man were injured in a fight after the Eliot man allegedly entered into the Carrabassett Road house and refused to leave.

Franklin County sheriff’s deputies eventually stunned Garrett Morrow, 25, with a stun gun after the alleged home invasion, reported at 10:29 p.m. Tuesday. Morrow was charged with burglary, class B, and refusing to submit to arrest, class D; and he was summoned for two counts of assault, class D.

The homeowner, who suffered cuts to his forehead, ear and wrist during the fight with Morrow, was treated at the scene by Northstar Ambulance.

A caller to the Franklin County dispatch center at 10:29 p.m. Tuesday reported “that there was some issue with a drunk male at the residence, it was clear that the caller was not familiar with the person,” Sheriff Scott Nichols said in a news release Wednesday.

The caller told a dispatcher the man, who was a stranger to the homeowners, had entered the house and there was a fight going on with the homeowner.

Deputy Andrew Morgan and Cpl. Matthew Brann were both in Carrabassett Valley and not far away from the fight scene, Nichols said. Coplin Plantation is just north of Carrabassett Valley.

“As they were responding they were told that the caller had put down the phone, but dispatchers could hear a lot of commotion going on in the background,” Nichols said in the release.

Dispatchers also heard “something about a gun,” though Nichols said it wasn’t clear if gun was involved or, if so, who had it.

Morgan and a U.S. Border Patrol agent were the first on the scene, where they found Morrow, apparently drunk, outside the house.

Nichols said Morrow had his hands in his pockets and when asked to remove them so officers could see if he had a gun, he allegedly refused and the border agent stunned him with a stun gun. Morgan then handcuffed him and took him into custody.

One of the couple, who are 65 and 59 but whose identities are not being released, told Brann that Morrow showed up at their door “obviously under the influence of drugs and or alcohol or both.” She told him to leave, but Morrow refused and then got into her car, then got out and went into the garage, Nichols said.

The woman told Brann that he entered the house via the garage, which was when her husband intervened.

She said Morrow knocked her husband to the floor in the living room and repeatedly kicked him. The woman yelled at Morrow, who then allegedly knocked her to the floor, too, Nichols said.

The woman said Morrow started to grab around the neck, then stopped and went outside, where Morgan and the border agent found him.

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