The Washington Post calls for an end to democracy? Your reprint of their editorial on Feb. 26 (“The GOP’s moment of truth”) sure sounds that way.

A Mussolini-type channeling Hitler looks like he is getting enough scared, angry people to vote for him to land a major party nomination? Change the rules mid-election! Ignore rule of law! Let party oligarchs pick candidates by decree!

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders’ supporters are screaming obscenities because the Democratic Party’s superdelegates can pick their choice regardless of the popular vote.

Trump hasn’t gotten anything close to a majority. If the supporters of the other candidates work a deal at the convention, their combined delegates should easily top his. Or someone could do as Teddy Roosevelt did, and run as a splinter party, or the party as a whole could do what Illinois’ Democrat leaders did in the 1970s when LaRoche supporters packed the caucases, and put their slate in and urge the party faithful not to vote the party label.

Or this might be a chance for some third party to pick a reasonable candidate and platform and break the monopoly of the two-party system.

Tom Heyns


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