I really believe that Don Roberts, in his column on Feb. 27 (“Shame on you, Mr. President”), is suffering from the same malady as many representatives in our House of Representatives: Obama Derangement Syndrome. While chastizing the president for not attending Antonin Scalia’s funeral, he fails to mention the two most disastrous decisions Scalia was responsible for, which have damaged our country forever.

In the 2000 Bush v. Gore decision, Scalia negated the results of the Florida election (remember the hanging chads) and single-handedly awarded the election to George W. Bush, even though Al Gore actually had more popular votes.

In his excellent letter on Feb. 12, John R. Merrill points out all the awful events that transpired during the Bush years. He mentions that the attacks of Sept. 11 happened on his watch, to which I would point out that Osama bin Laden walked the planet a free man for Bush’s entire presidency.

I would also add that during this time, Bush and the Republicans in Congress (and the NRA) let the assault weapons ban expire. This was a disastrous decision that continues to haunt us — an AR-15 is a weapon of mass destruction.

In the Citizens United ruling, Scalia ruled that corporations are people and can contribute however much money they want to political campaigns. It’s kind of amusing how this all blew up in Jeb Bush’s face after he spent $138 million and came up with … zilch. I would call this karmic payback for his role as governor of Florida in 2000. Both of these rulings were wrong, wrong, wrong.

Just like the House of Representatives, who have voted more than 50 times to repeal Obamacare, I can’t help but feeling a tinge of racism in Roberts’ article — how else do you explain such unfounded hatred?

Stuart S. Smith


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