Gas prices rose nearly a nickel last week, reflecting the higher price of seasonal grades and a rebounding global oil market.

The average price of gas in Maine was $1.95 per gallon Sunday, according to the gas price web site, which surveyed 1,228 gas outlets in Maine. Gas prices in Maine rose 4.6 cents per gallon while nationally prices rose 4.9 cents to $1.98 per gallon.

An analyst for the website said prices are still well below what they were this week in 2015, even as they creep closer to $2 per gallon, which motorists haven’t seen since December.

“Even with the anticipated rise in retail prices to accommodate ‘summer blend’ gasoline regulations, and even with a 54 percent increase in crude oil from $26 to $40 (per barrel), the national average price today remains some 45 cents lower than where we were exactly one year ago,” said Gregg Lakowski in a press release.

Gas prices in Maine for this week in 2012 averaged $3.85 per gallon.

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