Time is of the essence before the memory of the latest chaotic Democrat caucus fades away. Clearly it is time for a sensible change back to a primary system for presidential elections, as Sen. Justin Alfond, D-Portland, has proposed and more appropriately to an open primary. Many elderly voters are not inclined to go to a party caucus talk fest, especially if they must stand in line outside. And, independent voters should not have to register with a political party just so they can have some influence in choosing which candidate will end up on the general election ballot.

Obviously the two political party establishments are directly responsible for bringing about non-functioning governments both in Maine and in Washington. As a result there is now a huge movement to overturn the process of populating these gridlocked governments with more political hacks selected by party establishments?

The Democrat Party establishment and much of the media have already chosen flawed, Wall Street-backed candidate Hillary Clinton. Disenchanted millions reject that choice by backing a promising democratic socialist. Those millions backing Bernie Sanders understand that he cannot, nor does he wish to, induce socialism in our government, but he will work to repair the last 40 or 50 years of damage done to our society by party establishment candidates.

The Republican Party establishment has been unwilling to overcome the hijack by tea party radicalism and the resultant gridlock. Therefore, Republican Party voters are joining a movement that rejects old party conservatism and incomprehensibly backs a dangerously unfit candidate in Donald Trump.

There are millions of independents, likely much greater than 20 percent, that reject party affiliation. These independents and millions more loosely identifying with a party are rejecting party establishment candidates in a political revolution. It is time open primaries replaced party caucuses.

Jimmy Chiddix


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