In response to March 29 example of being cut off from food stamps, I have another example of the deplorable things our governor is doing to the struggling low and middle class reidents of this state.

I am a recently unemployed 47-year-old man. If it wasn’t for my parents, I would be starving. I do not get unemployment and will soon be homeless. I do not qualify for food stamps, because LePage has made it impossible unless I volunteer 20 hours a month at a nonprofit organization.

I cannot afford gas to get to the next town or to food cupboards to get handouts. How can I afford to get there three or four times a week? I am told they don’t need more help, but because of this they need more donations!

LePage is killing us. If this wasn’t a public paper, I would use more colorful metaphors to more accurately describe what his heartless and thoughtless administration has done and is doing to the citizens of this state. Hands down, he needs to go.

Alan Ara Lessard


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