As a participant in the recent World of Women’s Wellness event sponsored by Inland Hospital, I want to express my appreciation for this wonderful opportunity to connect with women in our community and to help expose them to alternative healing modalities that they might not otherwise encounter.

I was particularly moved and grateful to have been able to offer a sample of my services to some residents of a domestic violence shelter who came on a group outing to experience the event. Many of these women are recovering from multiple health issues, including surviving physical violence, traumatic stress and addictions. The modality I practice offers deep relaxation among other benefits, and it was gratifying to know that these few women were able to experience it.

Yes, access to medical care is important and necessary, but access to these simple interventions that are low-tech and high-effectiveness is also, in my opinion, necessary. These can go a long way toward complementing and aiding the mainstream medical care that everyone receives. I want to thank Ellen Wells and Kathy Jason, as well as the many volunteers who made this happen, for helping to connect women in need with complementary and alternative treatments. It’s a valuable and valued service for all involved.

Phyllis Capanna, MA, OTR/L