I like to give credit where it is “DEW.”

Last summer I saw an online protest of Animal Planet’s “Yankee Jungle” series, which is filmed at DEW Haven in Mount Vernon. I do not pass judgment based on hearsay. I visited DEW Haven with a friend. We took Bob’s guided tour. It was entertaining and educational.

After visiting, I posted to the protest page telling them I did not see anything there that was even close to what they claimed. Immediately I was deleted from their page. They were not open to debate.

On another trip, before leaving, we spoke with Julie about volunteering and signed up. Volunteering gives you a different perspective on what Bob and Julie do. I appreciate that they share with the public, and now they were sharing their lives with us.

These animals are Bob and Julie’s life; that was plain to see. The animals always come first. All the animals have a bond with Bob that goes beyond them seeing him as just their caretaker.

We help in the mornings before DEW opens. It is amazing to walk by a mountain lion perched on a log and hear him purring. That is a happy and content cat!

In the winter, Bob immediately started on improvements. The big one for this year will be the wolf enclosure. If anyone is looking for a family trip, I recommend DEW Haven. Expect to see animals up close, get great pictures and many laughs if you join Bob’s educational tour.

I would like to thank the two organizers of the “Yankee Jungle” protest and their ridiculous stories for helping me decide to visit. I did not regret it and I made some wonderful friends. Beyond being thankful for this, these two bitter people do not deserve any more attention.

Tammy Sheehan