As Unitarian Universalists, we stand for our Fifth Principle, the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process in our congregations and in society at large. We work to promote a strong democracy and to ensure the active participation of citizens in the democratic process.

Therefore we decry the presence of hate speech, vulgarity, extreme incivility and other dangerous and unseemly words and behaviors in the current political campaigns of some candidates for President of the United States. We believe that such conduct weakens democracy, alienates voters, and disillusions young Americans who await entry into full participation as voters.

Such conduct demeans the office of president of the United States, undermines our democracy’s standing in the world, and diminishes aspirations for democratic participation worldwide. We unequivocally condemn candidates’ hate speech, comments that demean the humanity of our country’s international neighbors and partners, and public conduct which flies in the face of decency.

We call on Unitarian Universalists and all Americans of conscience to speak out and stand up for a vision of democracy which unifies our country and strengthens the inclusion of all to learn about and participate in the democratic process.

To this end, we affirm and promote the Maine Council of Churches’ Civil Discourse Covenant for Candidates for Public Office, which can be found at

Dale McCormick

Co-chair, Maine Unitarian Universalist State Advocacy Network