I just read the article on the Skowhegan mascot debate, “Petition to change Skowhegan Indians nickname latest step in effort,” April 6.

I am so astonished that these people can be so petty. There are starving children, homeless people, others who are in need of medical care and cannot get it, abused elders and animals, etc. And all these people have to do is whine about what a school chooses to call itself?

Let’s just look at the intent behind the Skowhegan Indians name. It was chosen with pride and honor, not malice. So why do these people of native heritage choose to dirty it? And since when do they own the word “Indian”?

For heaven’s sake there are plenty of other issues to be paid attention to in this world, so they should stop harassing the town of Skowhegan and its students and faculty.

Last I knew, nobody owns the word or title “Indian.” They should stop making it into something dirty — the kids honor it, so leave them alone.

The Skowhegan schools have a right to their history too.

Sign me an old Madison bulldog — sincerely. Oh dear, I hope the American Kennel Club doesn’t come after me for calling myself an ex-bulldog.

Jane H. Mullin


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