This all started with a rain out.

It was Patriots Day, 2003, maybe 2004. I was scheduled to cover a high school baseball game, but it poured. We needed something local to run in the sports section. Everything local had been washed away. I remember Ben Sturtevant, the editor on the desk that day, asked if I had anything. A column would be fine.

Well, I had this one sort of goofy idea…

Better traditions than sports haiku have been born of less.

I can’t recall the exact year I made sports haiku a spring tradition, like the return of mosquitoes, icy rain and mud, but here it is, the 2016 edition. The sports world — particularly the New England sports world — has given me plenty of topics to cover this year.

As usual, my apologies to all the talented poets around the world.

Pablo Sandoval

Belt-busting big boy

Worst free agent Red Sox signed?

Crawford says, looks like

David Ortiz

Do you have to leave?

October royalty, you

Three rings, go for four


This is still a thing?

Go away petty Goodell

Take a science class

Jordan Spieth

Shark relates and nods

Second nine spits out the best

New green jacket? Wait…

Kobe Bryant

Most hated rival?

Not quite, but on the short list

That shot, man, that shot

Claude Julien

Employed, still, despite

Season that crumbled away

Like that — poof! — was gone

Boston Celtics

Getting there, big green

Improvement will really come

With the Nets’ draft pick

John Farrell

Short leash, and so tight

Each loss a box being packed

Win now, or over

Patriots Schedule

Primetime desert night

Jones glares at his old teammates

Will Brady be there?

NFL Draft

North Dakota State?

QB from the cold prairie

LA beckons you


Kill Tar Heel comeback

Kris Jenkins lives immortal

Jay Wright plays it cool

Stanley Cup Playoffs

What the! No Canada?

Great White North O for seven

Lord Stanley stays south

Kentucky Derby

Triple Crown drought snapped

A Grand Slam for the Pharoah

Sip a mint julep

Golden State Warriors

Well done, but know this

Bird, McHale and the Chief would

Blow you off the court


Travis Lazarczyk — 861-9242

[email protected]


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