Augusta’s prince of platitudes is at it again. With “The United States of all Americans” (April 9), Don Roberts presents a pastiche of Republican positions.

First, “radical Islamic terrorists” are the most important problem our country faces. Americans must be very, very afraid … and elect Republicans.

Second, when Roberts writes of “individual income tax reforms” to promote jobs, does he mean ending loopholes that enrich the wealthy? Doubtful. The usual Republican line involves lowering top tax rates, lowering or eliminating capital gains rates, and eliminating the inheritance tax. While benefiting the wealthy, there is no evidence that any such approach has ever created more jobs (or ever would).

Third, if Roberts truly cares about “our burgeoning health care costs,” he will immediately call for congressional hearings on the advantages of single-payer health care. It’s not rocket science. Private sector health insurance wastes money on advertising, executive bonuses and stockholder profits. Physicians and hospitals are swamped by extra paperwork from a plethora of insurance companies. Plus, just imagine the boom in hiring if employers didn’t have to pay for their employees’ health care!

If Roberts truly wants jobs growth, he’d call for a massive increase in spending to repair or replace our rapidly decaying transportation infrastructure. Roads, bridges, tunnels and railways all need immediate attention or the “greatest economy in the world” will sputter to a halt.

Finally, where is the private sector’s plan for dealing with climate change? Will coal companies act to keep Florida above water? Only a combination of government regulations and a Supreme Court willing to support them will give us a chance to save our country, and the planet.

Compared to being inundated by the melting of the Antarctic ice cap, ISIS is a minor nuisance.

John R. Merrill


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