So, America, still think your votes count?

Sadly, it seems that the votes of American citizens count less and less as the rigged presidential nomination process continues to wend its inevitable way to the selection of the party power broker’s favorites.

Both the Republican and Democratic parties have fixed their nominating process to favor standard-bearers that will continue to support their inside-the-Beltway shenanigans and keep their power intact.

The Republicans, out and out, just cancel voting, as witnessed by not bothering in Colorado and just awarding its delegates to the nominating convention to someone other than the upstart Trump.

The Democrats, in spite of Mr. Sanders winning nine voters’ choices in a row, continue to cede theirs to their superdelegate’s anointed one, Mrs. Clinton.

Oh what fun they are having with us wanting to continue the illusion that votes matter!

Apologies to a line from “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre”: “Voters? We don’t need no stinking voters!”

Greg Theriault