I have read several of the letters regarding Gov. Paul LePage’s refusal to expand MaineCare coverage. As the owner of a small, private practice treating children, I can unequivocally report that there are many, many children in this state who do not have adequate insurance coverage and therefore often go without services. These may be the same children who end up requiring a much higher level of intervention as they become older.

I personally do not know regular people that can easily come up with $10,000, or sometimes even as high as $22,000, to pay their deductibles on the newer insurance policies. I also have found that many working families cannot afford the additional insurance coverage on their employee policy for their children. In many situations, even for a mediocre policy that coverage exceeds $500 per month.

I currently am owed what would amount to more than $12,000 from parents who would have been eligible for MaineCare under an expansion. These are not slackers, people ripping off the system or parents looking for unnecessary help. These children have significant medical needs which are not covered in the school systems. Most of them have other insurance but do not meet their extreme deductibles.

I do not at this time, or hopefully any time in the future, have the ability or morality to go after parents who are barely getting by for payments. It strikes me as foolish and shortsighted to turn away funds that would enable families to obtain adequate health care for their children.

Cindy Spence


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