A big shout out of thanks to Reps. Catherine Nadeau, D-Winslow, and Henry Beck, D-Waterville, as well as Sen. Roger Katz, R-Augusta, and all legislators for voting to accept the federal health care funds.

Thirty-one other states — headed by governors from both political parties — are using the federal funds to provide people working low-wage jobs with health coverage. It’s coverage that includes preventive services such as screening for cancer.

States are also using the federal funds to address the drug crisis by providing substance abuse coverage to people in need. It’s helping reduce addiction and drug-related crime in those states. Providing health care coverage for those currently uninsured will help our local hospitals and doctors’ offices too.

With the federal government covering most of the cost of newly insured people, this is an incredibly good deal for Maine. State budgets across the county are seeing savings and Maine can to. It’s no wonder the Maine Hospital Association, the Maine Medical Association, the Maine Sheriff’s Association, the Maine Police Chief’s Association and so many others support this important health care bill.

I hope readers will encourage their lawmakers to support this bill that will help so many people in our community.

Christina Rusnov


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