The newspaper’s April 17 editorial, “LePage maneuver slows down real work on education” shows not only a bias against Gov. Paul LePage and Bill Beardsley, but is an affront to those of us who value traditional education.

Beardsley’s academic credentials are not lacking, but apparently his stance on transgenderism is lacking … in “political correctness”!

However, to underscore the editorial’s reference to “real work on education being slowed,” yes, it has been. But the reason for this is that today’s educational mandate focuses instead on the social type of learning, to the detriment of genuine academic study. Throw in “Common Core” and the downward spiral continues.

Why is developing diversity the No. 1 goal today? And why has it seemingly taken priority over subject matters such as classic literature, spelling, good grammar and cursive writing.

From an educational standpoint, illiterate students are a most disadvantaged class, and they must not be held hostage to an agenda that helps to foster this latest aberration. Transgenderism has found its way into our schools, riding on the coattails of the homosexual acceptance movement.

Regarding transgender ideology, none other than Pope Francis, in his latest letter “Amoris Laetitia”, wrote: “The young need to be helped to accept their own body as it was created.”

Let the voice of reason, not emotion, prevail. And thank you, Gov. LePage and Mr. Beardsley, for standing in the gap.

Pat Truman


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