I try not to express political positions, mainly because too many crackpots just won’t allow you to express your thoughts without needing to be snippy or downright rude in response.

But sitting listening to the news about the “race” I find myself absolutely disgusted. Why? Because our presidential candidates are more interested in being rude and disgusting and back-biting, name-calling and nit-picking and being self-righteous than they are with convincing me why I should vote for them.

No one who has expressed interest in leading this country has shown me personally any worthwhile reason why I should allow them the privilege of holding the highest office in this country. Where are the people who would with honesty, integrity and compassion step into the duties of taking care of the people of this nation? Where are those would take the motto on the Statue of Liberty seriously? Where are those who would really take the Constitution to heart and not try and twist it?

I wish I knew, because not one of the potential candidates has proved to me they can and will do those things. I will vote because I want to exercise that privilege that I and others have fought to retain. I am saddened that I must choose between several people whom I feel so uncertain about.

Ed Wheaton