Richard Hopper’s column on encouraging mill employees (“KVCC ready to help Madison Paper employees”, April 7) to seek out Kennebec Valley Community College for options to learn a new skill for stable, satisfying work with good wages and solid benefits was excellent.

I encourage anyone who is looking for further education to look into KVCC. I was an LPN for 31 years, and remember being hesitant about going back to school to get my nursing degress, because I had not been in school for 31 years.

The faculty at KVCC were very helpful and encouraging. They told me, “You can do it, and we are here to make sure you do.” I graduated with an associate degree in nursing in two years, and have been very grateful for their past support.

Because of my education at KVCC, I continue to be a nurse in whatever nursing career I choose to do. If you haven’t read Richard’s article, get a copy of it to read — you owe it to yourself. Call KVCC at 453-5822 or learn more at

Janet Cahoon