So Gov. Paul LePage has vetoed a bill to put life-saving medicine into the hands of people who could help an overdose victim. His reason? That they will just overdose again. This has got to be his worst action yet. Our governor has surpassed his precious record for depravity on this one. Would you say to a person having a heart attack, “We won’t provide a defibrillator for you because you will just have another heart attack later on,” or refuse an Epi-pen to a victim of a peanut allergy because, “Ya know there is another bag of peanuts around the next corner,” as though the governor has the power to see into the medical future of anyone?

This statement coming with his “death sentence veto” is mean-spirited, shows a total lack of understanding addiction and just proves that Paul LePage does not have the compassion to do his job.

Charles Hicks


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