Six or seven months ago, it was, “Bernie who?” Those of us who have supported the Vermont senator all along knew what he was saying. Very quickly, and despite the medias’ best attempts to ignore him, millions supported him. Last week, as many as 40,000 voters crowded Washington Square to hear and cheer, and to endorse his call for an end to economic corruption at every level.

One example: Remember the 1995 crime bill? First, it imprisoned and continues to imprison young black men at record-setting rates. Meanwhile, private prisons now flourish and their owners become multimillionaires.

Remember the Iraq War? Some swallowed the Bush-Cheney lies while Sanders stood opposed because “it would turn the Middle East into chaos.” But one truth needs to be stressed: Cheney, Haliburton and Blackwater took away bags of American taxpayer dollars.

This is always about the money. I have no interest in the “glass ceiling.” I have no interest in smoothing the path for potential multimillionaires. They and their greed are the problem.

From foreign relations to prisons to the poisoning of Flint, Michigan, to $200,000 Wall Street speeches, the warning should ever be the same: “Follow the money.”

Stephen Aucoin


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