Our governor is considering running for the U.S. Senate. His ego defies reality!

The Senate has rules of decorum, a word he does not know and a practice he never abides. Haven’t Maine residents suffered enough embarrassment and economic damage?

Sen. Angus King is a gentleman who works well with others and promotes what is good for Maine rather than an ideology. He has not embarrassed Maine residents with his every word and action. He is admired by his colleagues and voters.

A better path for Paul LePage is to become another tea party “talking head” a la Limbaugh, Carr and Beck. This is a perfect fit for his misaligned ego. He could say anything without anyone ever questioning his language or facts. Heaven!

He might make enough money that he might forgo his undeserved pension — a win-win for Maine residents and for those who love to listen to his rants.

Ronald Chayer


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