At this crucial moment in our history, “We the People” should decide what type of justice is appointed to the Supreme Court. The United States Constitution sets out the framework by which justices are to be selected: (1) by the president (2) with “advice and consent” of the Senate. No vacancy can be filled without both of these two elements.

Clearly then the president can nominate, but the Senate can refuse to consent. In doing so, they will give the people the chance to have a voice, not only on our future president, but on the future of the Supreme Court.

Senators show a proper understanding of their role when they stand up for “We the People.” We must not sit idle as President Barack Obama replaces a judge like Justice Antonin Scalia, one of the most thoughtful, clear-thinking voices advocating for restraint and solid constitutional interpretation, with a radical activist who doesn’t truly express the will of the people.

Senators have the responsibility to represent the will of their constituents; therefore, as a citizen of this great country, we will have a significant ability to affect the decision. We can all contact our senators and urge them to stand strong and protect our liberties by rejecting Obama’s nominee and waiting until the next president is selected before filling the vacancy.

Penny Morrell, state director

Concerned Women For America of Maine


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