It appears either the Big Guy can’t take anyone who disagrees with him and will take his ball and go home if they do. The disgraceful behavior Gov. Paul LePage showed to Theo Kalikow at the dedication of the building at University of Maine at Farmington was juvenile at best.

I would like to suggest to the governor that if he’s unable to handle two quiet protestors of his policies who simply held up a sign about him, then how does he ever expect to hold a higher office, one where he’s “thinking” about running against Sen. Angus King.

Might I suggest to him that he stop this behavior, stop insulting women, immigrants, the Legislature, foreign-speaking workers that he comes in contact with — I could go on and on — then he may not want to aspire to anything other then what he’s already won because I can’t believe he would be elected dog catcher at this point.

Roberta Kelly