Hypocrisy abounds. States want to enact voter ID laws to prevent voter fraud. No such thing exists. The states themselves perpetrate the most instances of fraud; witness this last primary election.

States are attempting to circumvent the Constitution by passing abortion restrictions, bathroom gender laws and whatever twisted thought enters their mind.

Now Penny Morrell calls on the electorate to call the legislators to demand they reject President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee (“Reject Obama’s nominee to Supreme Court,” May 10).

I don’t believe she wants it to come to a vote, I think she wants to continue the stonewalling that has gone on since the nomination. It won’t be a lame duck session until after the election. You would think these people in high political office would know that. Or just maybe, they think we are stupid and they can get away with it.

Back to Morrell. If she truly wants the legislators to call for a vote and reject the nominee, then I apologize. If she wants the stonewalling to continue, I believe it to be another example of sheer hypocrisy.

David Hollingsworth

Belgrade Lakes

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