I read that Judge Merrick Garland is a “radical activist,” at least according to Penny Morrell of the Concerned Women For America (“Reject Obama’s nominee to Supreme Court,” May 10).

Now, to call Obama’s nominee a radical or an activist is something like calling Mickey Mouse a bodybuilder. Garland is by most accounts a centrist or moderate, admired and respected by many prominent conservatives, (including, holy cow, the NRA), brilliant, and the most experienced judge ever considered for the Supreme Court.

If Morrell wants to refer to the late Justice Scalia as a model of restraint, she needs to be reminded of his staunch advocacy for Citizens United, which handed even greater political influence over to the already-too-powerful rich and well-connected, with their unlimited cash.

Oh, and how about his part in deciding who the president of the United States should be, rather than “we the people,” in the much disputed Gore/Bush 2000 vote controversy. That’s activism by any definition. Pretty radical, too.

George Hite


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