I looked over some of our old town financial reports from the early 1960s. In those days, we had one or two police in the Madison Police Department. Far less was spent for “security,” proportionately, than is spent today. I also recall, having lived here in those days, that we had no more nor no less crime that we do today. Far less people were dragged to the county jail.

In fact, in the 1950s, we had a lock-up cage in Madison to hold drunks until they got sober. The door wasn’t even locked. The drunks released themselves as soon as they could walk straight.

There was less hate and mistrust in those days. A few years later there was even a television show about that era. It was called, “Happy Days.”

I’m not even sure where it’s all coming from, but it appears that people today are somehow being convinced to be fearful of each other.

One thing I’m sure of — if we spent half as much time, treasure and talent on bringing justice to people as we do on bringing people to justice, we might all be a little better off.

Peter P. Sirois


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