The GOP has been kidnapped by obstructionism, extremism, fatalism and now Trumpism. Don the Con is not a Republican, but an egomaniac who loves Trump. Media gives Don $200 million in free advertising during primaries and allows him to never fully answer a question? Why does no one take him down on his many outrageous statements and his thug language? Don believes he will be king of the U.S. with so many wimpy Republicans sniffing his behind.

Trump and many Trumpfools think because he has money he is someone to admire. Really? Trump screwed his creditors many times, treats his contractors with utter disdain, his employees like Dalits, as he will anyone who gets in his way. Don has shown us his asinine character, bullying attitude, immoral and unsteady compass, and untrustworthy temper, confirming he is unqualified to be president. Where are his tax returns for past years? This is our business if Don the Con wants to continue his charade to superimpose his brand on every wall. We all leave a legacy and power addicts like Trump and others will leave their families embarrassing memories of shameful public behavior.

Dennis St. Jean


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