After watching the Readfield’s candidate’s night, I have decided to lend my support and vote for Kathryn Woodsum and John Parent. As a former Readfield Select Board member, I worked with Kathryn for several years on the board, and previous to that time we were members on the town’s budget committee. Kathryn is also a member of our Solid Waste Transfer Committee. Kathryn’s years of experience, keen intellect, leadership and foresight have benefited our town in many positive ways and saved tax dollars in the process.

Parent has demonstrated his leadership and experience by working tirelessly on Readfield’s road and budget committees. His business acumen and work in the private sector, along with a bountiful amount of common sense, have benefited our town and saved tax dollars.

Casting your ballot for these two candidates is a vote for exceptional leadership, integrity and forward progress for Readfield.

Greg Durgin


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