The Skowhegan highway crew is in the process of renewing traffic lines for drivers and pedestrians throughout our town. I would like town officials to review the placement of these guiding lines before they are placed back in the accustomed spots, which in my view are ill placed.

Many of the stop lines are placed too far back as to be useless to the driver who necessarily needs the best possible view of oncoming traffic. In some instances, there is a utility pole or cluster of poles obstructing the view, making the entry hazardous. Or in other cases, it may be an embankment that obstructs the view, such as Leavitt Street and Madison Avenue. The Bush Street/High Street intersection would be one example of a line set too far back, because a concrete wall obstructs an optimum view to see oncoming traffic.

I understand that pedestrians need to be considered in the planning of where lines need to be located, but there are rarely pedestrians these days, with the exception of some intersections.

Jewett Street onto Madison Avenue needs widening to accommodate two lanes heading west. Land for this lane could be acquired from the drug store owners adjoining Jewett Street. Currently traffic backs up and disallows the driver from taking advantage of a right turn on red. Short tempered people can cause accidents.

It is impractical to list all intersections that I think are at fault. Just, please, sometime soon, explore what I say may be a problem for drivers that could be causing accidents.

Paul O. Sylvain


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