For anyone seriously considering voting for Donald Trump you might want to read about him in the June edition of The Atlantic magazine. We all hear from him all the time, too often actually, but this article tells us more about what makes this guy tick.

For someone who talks like just one of the boys, he grew up rich in a gated community where dad drove a Cadillac and mom had a Rolls Royce. So what, it’s no sin to be rich, some may say. What is so awful is that the man is a consummate liar. PolitiFact calculated that only 2 percent of the claims made by Trump are true, 7 percent are mostly true, and the rest of the claims are varying degrees of bending the truth to outright lies.

The man is obviously self-centered. It seems he cannot get through more than a few sentences in a row without saying “me” “I” or “my.” For a man who easily insults and offends with abandon, he is remarkably thin-skinned, often having tantrums when anyone says something negative about him. To say he is temperamentally not suited to be president is an understatement, more like a disaster in the making would be more accurate. He has yet to come close to presenting a coherent plan of how he is going to make “America Great Again,” let alone any thoughts of healing a seriously divided country.

Is Donald Trump entertaining? Somewhat, but so are circus clowns. The presidency of the United States is still the most influential job in the world. For Trump it’s just another ego-trip.

George Hite


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