Republicans should vote for Newall Graf in the June 14 primary to represent Skowhegan in the next Legislature.

Newall is a candidate of tight-fisted fiscal responsibility and great personal integrity in his business and professional life. He has a total understanding that the money that elected officials spend first had to be earned by working taxpayers.

As a six-year selectman for Skowhegan, four as vice-chairman and one as chairman, Newall was always well-prepared. He has brought these same skills as chairman of the Somerset County Board of Commissioners.

As a result of his experience, Newall has a unique understanding of the consequences to local budgets of the decision in Augusta.

If you want a representative in Augusta who will be his own man and not bow to the party power brokers and will vote for the services that the voters want at the best possible price, Newall is your candidate.

Greg Theriault


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