Buxton police are looking for a young man who wore a Donald Trump mask when he broke into a convenience store in Bar Mills village early Wednesday morning.

Buxton Police Chief Troy Cline said the male suspect, whose image was captured on the store’s video surveillance camera, used a baseball bat to smash a door window at Low’s Variety, 115 Main St., shortly before 4 a.m.

Cline said the burglar stole at least one box of mini-sized Swisher Sweets cigars, but did not remove any other products from the store.

The burglar dropped several cigars on the floor as he headed for the exit. “There was a trail of cigars leading to the front door,” Cline added.

When the owner of Low’s called police, he told Michael Nourse, the officer investigating the break-in, that he knew who committed the crime.

“He told the officer it was Donald Trump,” the Republican presidential nominee, Cline said.


Buxton police believe the same person went to another store, Main Street Variety, about two hours later where he also used the bat to try to break in through a door window.

“It shattered but it didn’t completely break,” Cline said, and the burglar fled without gaining entrance.

Cline said the suspect had an average build and brown hair and was about 5’9 inches tall. He was carrying a baseball bat and wearing a plaid coat over a hooded, zippered sweatshirt and shorts.

Buxton police asked anyone with information on the robberies to contact the department at 929-6612.


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