If ignorance is bliss, Donald Trump must be in a constant state of bliss. During his Bangor pep rally, he made it clear he is ignorant about presidential duties. When answering a question about who he would select for a running mate, he responded that he obviously would select someone who understood government and could help him learn how to function as president, sort of like “on the job training.”

Following the rally, Trump groupies mostly responded to reporter’s questions with inane Trump-isms. The most stunning response was about Hillary Clinton. One respondent, a spokesperson for the Maine GOP, praised Trump for saying, “Hillary Clinton has hollowed out the middle class in Maine.” It would be revealing to know how this Maine GOP operative thinks the U.S. secretary of state was able to do that. That statement reveals even Maine GOP spokespeople are ignorant about our national government.

All this is not in support of Clinton because well-informed people know neither Donald nor Hilary is an acceptable candidate for president. The election charades in Bangor demonstrated very clearly something that has evaded 2nd District voters. The quality of leaders reflects the quality of the voters who elect them. Gov. Paul LePage has made Maine the laughing stock of this country with his bombastic outbursts of half-truths, and literate people in the state know Trump is now making this country the laughing stock of the entire world with his half-truths.

How possibly can this country continue to be respected by most of the free world when we select such low-caliber people, as these two are, for our leaders? If we think we have troubles in the world now, just wait until no one respects us.

Jim Chiddix


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