A Jackman man wanted in Pennsylvania on a repeat drunken driving allegation is to be extradited from Maine to face charges, but he also faces a felony charge in Somerset County for allegedly pointing a gun at a sheriff’s deputy in May.

Matthew Todd Mayberry, 45, of Jackman, was arrested Tuesday on a charge of being a fugitive from justice and is being held without bail while extradition papers are being drawn up, police said.

Somerset County Sheriff Dale Lancaster said local authorities received notification in May of a warrant for Mayberry from Pennsylvania, and when they went to arrest him, he allegedly drew a gun on Deputy Lucas Libby. Mayberry later was indicted on the charge, a class C felony, and court dates were set.

The charge in Pennsylvania is driving under the influence with a previous conviction. The warrant was issued after Mayberry allegedly fled that jurisdiction before he could face the new charge.

Sheriff’s deputies went to Mayberry’s home in May to arrest him.

“We went to his residence, and while we were arresting him — when he first met the deputy — he did confront the deputy with a gun,” Lancaster said.

Mayberry was arrested, but later was released because the warrant from Pennsylvania was for a misdemeanor and there is a technicality in Maine law that a charge has to be felony in order to hold a fugitive from justice, according to Lancaster.

Somerset County officials notified Pennsylvania officials that Mayberry was released, Lancaster said. Pennsylvania authorities in turn petitioned Maine Gov. Paul LePage’s office for what is called a governor’s warrant to hold Mayberry until officials from that state could come and pick him up.

The governor’s warrant came through July 21 and police arrested him Tuesday.

An intake worker at the Somerset County Jail in East Madison said Mayberry was being held without bail and is to be arraigned Friday on the fugitive charge.

Lancaster said he has not discussed the case with the district attorney’s office, so he did not know if Maine authorities plan to seek extradition of Mayberry back to Somerset County to face chargers of criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon and refusing to submit to arrest or detention, as listed in the indictments.

“I would hope, where he pointed a weapon at a deputy sheriff, that we would do that,” he said.

Documents filed in court by Staff Sgt. Michael Knight on behalf of Libby at Somerset County Unified Court in Skowhegan shed light on the Somerset County incident. Lancaster said Knight filed the documents for Libby, who was fulfilling military obligations at the time, based on the deputy’s probable cause affidavit.

Libby traveled to Jackman to arrest Mayberry on May 3 on the original fugitive charge, according to the documents. The deputy met with U.S. Border Patrol agents, and three of them accompanied him to Mayberry’s home on Main Street in Jackman.

Five dogs were outside and a man fitting Mayberry’s description was spotted about 9 p.m. running naked from an outhouse into a nearby camper.

The deputy knocked on the door and told Mayberry he had a warrant for his arrest, according to the affidavit. Mayberry allegedly refused to come out, but the door was unlocked, so the deputy pushed it open.

Libby was standing in the doorway when “Matthew came out from the bedroom area of the camper with a handgun and was wearing black body armor,” according to the court document. “Matthew had the gun up and had the gun pointed at me.”

Libby took cover, holstered his Taser and drew his own handgun and pointed a flashlight beam in Mayberry’s face. Mayberry lowered his gun “to a low ready” position. All three Border Patrol agents now had their guns drawn, according to the affidavit.

Libby ordered Mayberry to drop his weapon, but he also saw a shotgun behind him on a couch. Mayberry allegedly said, “You are not the one running the show. I am,” and he reportedly then talked about his rights, his mental state and the United Nations.

Libby and two of the Border Patrol agents managed to grab Mayberry and force him to the ground outside the camper, as Mayberry allegedly continued to resist, according to the court papers. He was taken into custody and to the jail.

A Somerset County grand jury indicted Mayberry later in May, and he was released on bail until his arrest on the governor’s warrant as a fugitive from justice on Tuesday.

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