Leon Emery recently was presented the Gardiner Heart and Soulmate Award. Nominated by Deb Files, the award was presented by Mayor Thom Harnett at a recent Gardiner Friday Night Waterfront Concert.

In presenting the award, Thom stated, “Leon proved immediately upon coming to Gardiner that he wanted to be an active member of the community. He has demonstrated that over and over again with actions not just words. Among the many things Leon has done: he sponsored a barbecue for veterans when he celebrated the opening of his store, he provided all the food and cooking when we recognized the efforts of the many firefighters who helped put out the downtown fire, and most recently provided all the food and cooking at a fundraiser for Jeff McCormack.”

The Gardiner Heart and Soulmate Award is recognition given from one neighbor or group to another who exemplifies the “Heart and Soul of Gardiner” through their caring actions for the city of Gardiner and its citizens.

To nominate a person for the Gardiner Heart and Soulmate Award, email [email protected].

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