Despite the Supreme Court decision last year that legalized same-sex marriage, we must remember that the fight for LGBT equality is still being fought. LGBT Mainers still have higher risks of experiencing homelessness than do their non-LGBT counterparts. LGBT Mainers still lack adequate education about safe sex and access to health care. LGBT Mainers still have a greater chance of attempting or committing suicide.

LGBT Mainers need the support of their representatives in Augusta. Ignoring the interests of his constituents, Senate President Michael Thibodeau, R-Winterport, voted against same-sex marriage and for further restrictions on transgendered Mainers using the bathrooms associated with their preferred gender.

As we approach Election Day, voters have a lot to consider. What examples are we setting for our children? What tone and climate are we creating in our state? And how will our representatives work toward creating a promising future for all Mainers?

Now more than ever, the LGBT community needs government to foster acceptance and hope amid a climate of isolation and fear. I know that Jonathan Fulford — running for Senate to represent Waldo County — is not afraid to condemn injustice that still exists. In June he marched in the Belfast Has Pride parade with a large contingent.

I believe with all my heart that Fulford is the candidate the LGBT community needs in Augusta.

Madison Cook