Who is Wendy Ross, you ask? And why should you care?

Ross, a Democrat, is running to represent the people of Alna, Wiscasset, Pittston and Randolph in Maine’s House of Representatives.

I support her because she thinks all people should have access to health care. In 2016 in Maine, all of our friends and neighbors deserve to be able to go to a doctor when they get sick or injured.

She believes that education is the most important benefit we can give our children. She believes that schools should be fully funded, not by putting more tax burden on property owners, but by having the state pay its fair share.

Ross has shown her commitment to education by serving on the board of the Wiscasset library. A good library like the Wiscasset library is a sign of a healthy community.

A healthy community also has clean water, clean air, and plenty of publicly owned land where all people can recreate. A clean and healthy environment is very important to me, and I know that Ross will support those issues when she gets elected.

For a representative who will support these issues that are so important to our communitites, I encourage you to vote for Wendy Ross.

Cathy Johnson


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