I don’t know who Rep. Bruce Poliquin, R-2nd District, thinks he is, but I think he’s an unabashed snob. Why? When discussing the prospect of a local campground “spoiling” the view from his exclusive country club in Popham Beach, Poliquin made this illuminating statement to the poor owner: “These are not my kind of people” and “I’m being abetted by a trailer park. A trailer park!”

Let’s unpack these statements for a second: for someone who claims to be a Mainer and to represent Maine’s interests in Washington, it’s a bit strange for him to distance himself in such a definitive fashion from the very working Mainers he claims to work for.

Maybe Poliquin really doesn’t care about Mainers who can’t easily afford the $1,980 membership fee for his country club. If he doesn’t, it certainly wouldn’t contradict what he’s said and what he’s voted for.

Stephen Bickart


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