Donald Trump’s staggering level of incompetence became a national spectacle at the recent presidential debate. He showed himself, yet again, to be the thin-skinned, petty, blathering, foolish person that he is.

His completely selfish character was right there for the world to see as he bragged about not paying taxes, rooting for the housing crisis of 2008 so he could make money, and stiffing small-business people to whom he owed money. He tried to weasel away from the fact that for years he was the national leader of the racist “birther” movement that so disgustingly challenged President Barack Obama’s citizenship. nd he had the temerity to try to sound like he cares about working people whose jobs were moved overseas when his very own shirt, tie and furniture brands are made in China, Mexico and Bangladesh.

Unlike all other candidates over the last four decades, Trump refuses to release his tax returns by using the lie that he can’t because he is under a routine audit, and he is being investigated for using his charity foundation as a slush fund to illegally avoid taxes and engage in self-dealing.

Hillary Clinton is very well-qualified and has a powerful command of the issues. She has what it takes to serve as president. Trump is a dangerous con artist and ridiculous amateur. We are choosing a president, not a “reality” TV show host. Trump is obviously unfit to be president.

Ron Bilancia


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